Designed successful assessment protocols at the departmental and college level. Served as an assessment consultant at several liberal arts colleges.


Has worked with issues of access and inclusion for over fifteen years, with a successful track record of funded change.

Faculty Governance

Chaired several governance committees, overseeing grant distribution, bylaw changes, and curricular innovations. In 2015, she received a Distinguished Service Award for her work.

Grants, Fundraising, and Budgets

Over the last ten years, Claire Strom has written successful grants to fund diversity initiatives, assessment development, and curricular change. She is currently spearheading the Centennial Campaign of the Agricultural History Society.

Faculty Evaluation

Led multiple promotion and tenure committees and served on others across many disciplines. Rewrote criteria for promotion and tenure of faculty.


Fulbright Specialist

Claire Strom is interested in teaching and learning about cross-cultural pedagogy. Her varied experiences at a college and university level offer an excellent resource for institutions to explore different ways of teaching content and skills to students.

Assessment Consultant

Bring Claire Strom to your college or university to help you design an effective assessment protocol.

Curricular Consultant

Interested in developing new, effective curricula to engage the twenty-first-century student? An outside consultant can often be a good first step.