Current Projects-Sabbatical Year, 2017-2018

Experimental Pedagogy

Claire Strom spent ten weeks as a visiting professor at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá. She was team-teaching a Content/Language Integrated Learning course with Shawn Van Ausdal and Ana Milena Rincon Vasquez. They are now working on an article about the experience.

Historical Research Tools

As editor of Agricultural History, Claire Strom commissioned articles by eminent historians on how to use unusual artifacts in historical research. She is now compiling these into a book for history research methods courses.

Reacting to the Past

Claire Strom is currently designing a Reacting to the Past history course with an embedded student game surrounding the 1919 Red Scare. This pedagogy is intended to make students think critically about historical documents and events.

A Global History of Cattle

Together with Shawn Van Ausdal, Claire Strom is writing a global history of cattle in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Retrospective for the Agricultural History Society

In 2019 the Agricultural History Society will be one hundred years old. The journal editor, Bert Way, has asked Claire Strom to write a retrospective of the work of the Society and it members over the last century.